100% Greek Organic Dried Sultanas Grapes

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3 oz of Organic Dried Sultanas Grapes

Raisin is the dried grape. Raisins are divided into two types, black and white. White is also called sultana. It is eaten plain as a dessert and is usually added to cakes and various sweets. The main production process is to dry the fruit, mainly black currant, in the sun for a few days (about 10).

The most famous variety of black currant is the Corinthian raisin, which is 80% produced in Greece.

Xenophon in "Kyrou Anavasi" refers to the "dried grape", when he describes the passage of his troops through Armenia and speaks of the abundance of the country's goods, including raisins. In fact, this mention led many to claim that "its small raisin bush is native to Asia, in which it states that it was first planted and cultivated, or transferred from it and acclimatized to other countries, such as the Peloponnese."

However, the words raisins, raisins in ancient texts, may imply today's Corinthian Raisin, which became a marketable species of the Peloponnese, the Ionian Islands and Central Greece about six hundred years ago and which owes its name to the French (Raisin de Corinthe) .

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