Honey Stick Set of 16! Variety pack

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This honey stick pack contains 16 sticks in our 8 most popular flavors! Eat them as a snack, get a burst of energy while on the go or working out, put them in your hot beverage or give'm to kiddos as an alternative to candy. This is a perfect gift for the honey lover in your life!

This pack has 2 of each of these yummy flavors: Plain Honey, Blackberry, Lemon Tart, Watermelon, Grandma's Caramel, Peach Pie, Brownie Batter and Cinnamon Fireball. There is a key on the front label to help you identify the honey sticks by color.

Each stick is about 8 grams and 15 calories.

*Honey should not be consumed by children under 12 months old.

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