A Date with the Medjool (Dates)

A Date with the Medjool (Dates)

Every type of date could turn out the same, but that’s not the case for medjool dates—the caramel-sweet, fiber-rich fruit, not the kind at a nice cafe or restaurant. 

They’re the only dates known as the “fruit of kings,” owing to their high nutritional value of nutrients like potassium and fiber. And you don’t even have to eat a lot; in fact, WebMD recommends a serving size of just two medjool dates for a research-proven energy boost! While medjool dates have a lot of sugar (27 grams per serving), their high fiber content (3 grams per serving) helps you stay fuller for longer, so you’re not craving sugary snacks one after the other. 

And speaking of restaurants, and by extension, kitchens, the high sugar content of these dates makes them a great alternative to sugar. Chopping them up and adding them to a dish can add a sweet, caramel flavor to oatmeal, salads and more. Alternatively, you could blend them into a paste for sweetening up early morning lattes, pastries in the afternoon, and hot chocolate at night.

With such versatility, why not buy some medjool dates; especially when they’re so conveniently right here?

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