Big Island Abalone

Big Island Abalone

Discover Big Island Abalone

We are excited to introduce Big Island Abalone, a pioneering aquaculture farm located on the stunning Kona coast of Hawaii. Big Island Abalone’s journey is one of innovation, sustainability, and dedication to producing the finest abalone.


The Genesis of Big Island Abalone

Big Island Abalone was founded with a vision to harness the pristine waters of Kona to cultivate premium abalone. The farm is strategically located to utilize deep ocean water, sourced 2,200 feet below the surface, rich in nutrients and minerals essential for abalone growth.


Innovation in Aquaculture

At Big Island Abalone, the focus is on the Japanese ezo abalone, known for its tender texture and unique flavor. Traditional abalone is often tough, but the ezo variety grown here is prized for its delicate, clam-like texture. The farm’s innovative approach includes repurposing existing infrastructure and adopting sustainable practices to create an optimal environment for abalone cultivation.


A Sustainable Cycle

The cultivation process begins with abalone seeds, nurtured in carefully controlled conditions. It takes up to five years for these abalone to reach their premium size, a testament to the farm’s commitment to quality. During a visit, one can see abalone at various stages of growth, from tiny one-month-old juveniles to fully mature 40-month-old adults.


Unique Feeding Practices

A fascinating aspect of Big Island Abalone’s farming technique is the use of dulse, a nutrient-rich seaweed. This not only provides essential nutrients but also gives the abalone their distinctive red hue. Each abalone consumes a bunch of dulse daily, contributing to their growth and vibrant coloration.


The Abalone Experience

Visitors to Big Island Abalone are treated to a comprehensive tour, showcasing the entire farming process. From the nurseries where abalone eggs, resembling grains of rice, are nurtured, to the “condominiums” where abalone are stacked and grown, the tour provides a deep insight into the farm’s operations. The experience is enhanced by the pristine deep-sea water used, which is high in minerals and looks remarkably clear.


From Farm to Table

Once harvested, the abalone are sorted by hand into various sizes, ranging from small bite-sized pieces to premium abalone weighing around 120 grams. A single premium abalone can fetch up to $40, reflecting the high quality and care involved in its cultivation. The abalone are then shipped promptly to ensure freshness, reaching gourmet restaurants and abalone enthusiasts across the mainland.


Culinary Delight

Tasting the abalone was a culinary delight. Steamed abalone was tender and slightly sweet, with the salt seasoning enhancing its natural flavors. We also tried canned, lightly smoked abalone, which was equally decadent, showcasing the versatility of this exquisite seafood.

Big Island Abalone is more than just a farm; it is a beacon of sustainable aquaculture and quality. Their dedication to producing premium abalone while maintaining environmental stewardship sets a high standard in the industry. At Leprendo, we are proud to feature Big Island Abalone and share the stories behind their exceptional products.

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