Messner Bee Farm

Messner Bee Farm

Erik and Rachael Messner are the heart and soul behind Messner Bee Farm, located in the bustling Kansas City metro area. Their journey into beekeeping began with a simple desire: Erik’s quest for local honey to combat allergies and Rachael’s newfound interest in bees during their honeymoon.

Their farm is a vibrant testament to natural beekeeping practices. Here, happy bees thrive, leading to an array of delightful products. From lip balm and beard oil to candles and solid perfume, each item is crafted with care and creativity, all featuring the farm’s signature raw honey and beeswax.

The Messners are deeply involved in every step - from watching bees build their comb, to harvesting, processing the wax, and finally crafting it into their unique products. It’s a rare glimpse into a product’s journey from bee to shelf, and they cherish this connection.

Messner Bee Farm, more than just a business, is a story of passion for bees and their contribution to our lives. It's a place where nature's wonders are transformed into beautiful, practical items for everyday use.

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