Rumi Spice

Rumi Spice

Rumi Spice: A Beacon of Hope and Cultural Connection Founded by a team of dedicated US Army veterans, Rumi Spice embodies a mission that extends beyond the culinary sphere, aiming to forge deep connections and mutual understanding across cultures. By leveraging the universal appeal of food, Rumi Spice serves as a bridge between diverse backgrounds, with a particular focus on sharing Afghanistan's rich and vibrant story.


Empowering Afghan Farmers: Economic Opportunities Unleashed At the core of Rumi Spice's operation is a commitment to directly sourcing the finest spices from Afghan farmers. This not only elevates the global culinary landscape but also stimulates economic growth in Afghanistan. Through establishing direct trade links, Rumi Spice ensures that farmers receive stable wages, fostering economic resilience in a region long shadowed by conflict.

Championing Afghan Women: Breaking Barriers, Building Futures Central to Rumi Spice's ethos is empowering Afghan women, providing them with opportunities to lead and innovate within the company and their communities. By offering employment that goes beyond traditional roles, Rumi Spice is breaking societal barriers and advocating for women's rights and economic independence in Afghanistan.

Redefining Afghanistan's Narrative: Beyond Conflict, Toward Culture Rumi Spice is dedicated to changing the global perception of Afghanistan from a war-torn country to one rich in culture and tradition. By sharing the vibrant flavors and stories of Afghan spices, Rumi Spice invites the world to experience the warmth, resilience, and community spirit of the Afghan people.


The Rumi Spice Difference: Quality and Integrity With Afghanistan's unique climate providing ideal conditions for spice cultivation, Rumi Spice's offerings are unmatched in quality. The company's commitment to ethical sourcing and supporting local farmers shines through in their superior, wild foraged spices that exceed organic standards.

A Mission Rooted in Understanding and Trust The foundation of Rumi Spice is built on the unique insights and relationships formed by its veteran founders during their service in Afghanistan. Their deep appreciation for the country and its people is reflected in Rumi Spice's mission to build trust and promote peace through food.

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