Sea Salts of Hawaii

Sea Salts of Hawaii

Discover the Essence of Hawaiian Flavor with Sea Salts of Hawaii

Welcome to Sea Salts of Hawaii, where the age-old tradition of salt harvesting meets the purity of Kona's deep ocean waters. Our salt, prized by world-renowned chefs, begins its journey in the mineral-rich depths of Hawaii Island's and Molokai's pristine coastal waters.

Exclusive Kona Sea Salt Farm Tours

Embark on an enlightening 45-minute tour at our Kona Sea Salt Farm, nestled on 7 acres along the picturesque Kona Keahole Point. Here, you'll delve into the meticulous art of salt harvesting, learn about our unique deep seawater sourcing from 2,200 feet below, and explore the cultural significance of salt in Hawaiian heritage, all while standing on the historic grounds of Ho’ona.

Innovative Deep Water Harvesting Technique

Our sea salt's journey starts with an impressive 6,284-foot pipeline, drawing nutrient-dense water from over 2,200 feet deep. The pristine Class AA surface waters above our source set the stage for a salt that's as pure as the Hawaiian spirit.

Natural Solar Evaporation - A Dance with the Sun

Harnessing the power of Kona's year-round sunshine, our enclosed solar evaporation system naturally and gently coaxes the salt crystals to life. This eco-friendly approach ensures that every grain of salt captures the essence of the Hawaiian sun.

Artisanal Harvesting - A Labor of Love

Over four weeks, our Salt Master skillfully oversees the evaporation process, ensuring that each batch of sea salt crystals is harvested at the perfect moment, guaranteeing unmatched flavor and texture.

Beyond Salt - The Gift of Nigari

In our commitment to sustainability, the leftover concentrated brine, known as nigari, finds its purpose in tofu and ricotta cheese making, as well as a healthful addition to drinking water and mineral baths.

A Symphony of Flavors by Chef Norman Berg

In our Honolulu kitchen, the culinary wizardry of Chef Norman Berg comes alive. Infusing our pure Kona sea salt with a variety of locally-sourced ingredients like fresh herbs, chili, seaweed, and lemon zest, we create an array of flavors that elevate any dish to a celebration of Hawaiian taste.

Sea Salts of Hawaii - Where Every Grain Tells a Story

Join us in a journey of flavor, culture, and sustainability. At Sea Salts of Hawaii, we don't just harvest salt; we craft a story in every crystal, a story that’s as rich and diverse as the islands themselves.

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