Navigating the Citrus Greening Quarantine in San Diego

Navigating the Citrus Greening Quarantine in San Diego

The recent declaration of a citrus greening quarantine in San Diego County, particularly in the North County area, has posed a significant challenge to local farmers. Citrus greening, or Huanglongbing (HLB), detected in Valley Center and Oceanside, threatens the county's $138 million citrus industry​​​. This blog post aims to provide actionable strategies for farmers to overcome these challenges and maintain profitability.

Understanding Citrus Greening: Citrus greening is a bacterial disease that affects the vascular system of citrus trees. It leads to the production of bitter, misshapen fruit and eventually results in the death of the tree. The disease, spread by the Asian citrus psyllid, has no cure, and the only solution is the removal of affected trees​.

Strategies for Overcoming the Quarantine Challenges:



  • Consider diversifying your crop portfolio. Introducing non-citrus crops can help mitigate the risk and impact of citrus greening.
  • Research crops that thrive in similar conditions to citrus and have a market demand in your region.

Enhanced Biosecurity Measures:


  • Implement strict biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Regularly inspect your trees for signs of infection and adhere to quarantine regulations, such as not moving plants or foliage out of the area.

Leverage Technology:


  • Utilize agricultural technology for better monitoring and management of your orchards.
  • Consider drone technology for aerial inspections and data collection.

Community Engagement and Education:


  • Engage with local agricultural communities and authorities for updates and support.
  • Educate your community about the disease and the importance of reporting symptoms. 

Online Marketing and Sales:


  • Shift focus to online marketing and sales channels, especially for diversified crops.
  • Utilize platforms like Leprendo to connect directly with consumers and tell the story of your farm and its products.

Seek Financial Assistance and Insurance:


  • Explore financial assistance programs and insurance options for affected farmers.
  • Stay informed about government grants and subsidies available for those impacted by the quarantine.

While the citrus greening quarantine in San Diego County presents significant challenges, it also offers an opportunity for farmers to adapt and innovate. By diversifying crops, enhancing biosecurity, leveraging technology, engaging with the community, focusing on online sales, seeking financial assistance, and practicing sustainable farming, you can navigate these challenges and continue to thrive.

Remember, as a part of the Leprendo community, you're not alone in this journey. We're here to support you every step of the way. Let's work together to overcome these challenges and ensure a sustainable and profitable future for your farm.

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