Regenerative Organic Farming at 123 Farm

Regenerative Organic Farming at 123 Farm

Introduction to 123 Farm's Organic Practices and Historical Roots

Welcome to 123 Farm, an epitome of sustainable agriculture and historical richness, located within the iconic Highland Springs Ranch & Inn in California. Our farm is renowned for its commitment to regenerative organic farming practices, set against a backdrop of rich history that dates back to 1884.

The Regenerative Farming Philosophy of 123 Farm

At 123 Farm, we are dedicated to revitalizing our soil and ecosystem through regenerative farming. This approach combines permaculture with organic practices, enhancing biodiversity and producing nutrient-dense organic foods. Our commitment to sustainable farming not only nourishes the land but also contributes to combating climate change.

From Stagecoach Stop to Health Resort: The History of Highland Springs Ranch & Inn

Our farm's location, Highland Springs Ranch & Inn, has a rich history as a former stagecoach stop and a health resort. This heritage is intertwined with the land's healing legacy, attracting historical figures such as Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway. Today, we continue this tradition of wellness through our organic farming practices.

Organic Products from 123 Farm: Lavender and Olive Oil

Specializing in organic products, 123 Farm takes pride in our lavender essential oils and olive oils. We hand-harvest our lavender and press oil from century-old olive groves, ensuring the highest quality and purity in every product.

Sustainable Agriculture Meets Historical Preservation

At 123 Farm, we're not just about farming; we're about preserving the rich history of our land. From maintaining the historical charm of Highland Springs Ranch & Inn to embracing modern sustainable practices, we strive to protect both our environment and our past.

Join the Legacy of 123 Farm

By choosing 123 Farm, you're not just enjoying our organic products; you're becoming part of a legacy that harmonizes humanity with nature. Join us in celebrating a tradition of regenerative agriculture and historical richness.

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