Sonoma Farms

Sonoma Farms

Introduction to Sonoma Farms' Artisanal Approach

Welcome to Sonoma Farms, a small family-owned artisan gourmet food producer deeply rooted in the rich agricultural landscapes of Indiana and Illinois. Founded in 2005, Sonoma Farms has evolved from a small FDA plant into a hub of culinary innovation, crafting a variety of organic products ranging from olives to vinegars, sauces, and dips.

Sustainable and Organic Farming at Sonoma Farms

At Sonoma Farms, we are committed to sustainable and organic farming practices. We source our ingredients from local farmers in Indiana, Illinois, as well as top producers in California and Italy. Our focus on handcrafting small batches ensures unparalleled quality and flavor in every product.

From Flavored Oils to Balsamic Vinegars: Our Product Journey

Our journey began with the production of flavored oils and has since expanded to include a diverse lineup, including balsamic vinegars, pasta sauces, and salsas. By constantly innovating and expanding our product range, we cater to the evolving tastes of our customers.

Our Dedication to Quality and Community

Quality and community are at the heart of everything we do at Sonoma Farms. Most of our products are kosher and all are Union Made, reflecting our dedication to ethical practices. As an FDA-inspected facility that is peanut and tree nut-free, and Kosher certified by CRC, we uphold the highest standards of food safety.

Sonoma Farm Co-Packing: Supporting Local Chefs and Entrepreneurs

Through Sonoma Farm Co-Packing, we offer FDA-certified commercial food plant and production capabilities, helping local chefs, caterers, restaurant owners, shop owners, and entrepreneurs scale their food production for local markets and larger grocery chains.

Join Us on Our Culinary Adventure

Sonoma Farms invites you to join us on a culinary adventure, where every product is a story of passion, quality, and commitment to sustainable and organic farming. Together, we are crafting a brighter, tastier future.

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