The Leprendo Method

At Leprendo, our methodology stems from a desire to reconnect consumers with the true essence of food - the stories, the farmers, and the land. Our approach is holistic, transparent, and community-driven, ensuring that every bite you take has a story to tell.

Curated Selection Process:

Farm-to-Table Integrity:
We handpick each producer based on strict criteria, emphasizing sustainability, ethical practices, and quality. This ensures that every product on Leprendo's platform is a testament to excellence.

Story-driven Showcase:

More than Just Produce:
Every farmer has a story. We make it our mission to narrate these tales, allowing customers to understand the journey, the traditions, and the passion behind each product.

Transparent Supply Chain:

Know Your Food's Journey:
Our platform offers complete transparency, showing each step of the journey from the farm to your table. With Leprendo, you don't just get fresh produce; you gain insights into its origins.

Ethical Pricing Model:

Fairness at Core:
Our commitment extends to ensuring that farmers receive a price that reflects the true value of their hard work. By bypassing traditional chains, we guarantee better earnings for producers and genuine value for consumers.


Leprendo's methodology is a reflection of our core values - transparency, community, quality, and sustainability. Join us in this revolution, as we bridge the gap between the farm and your table, one story at a time.

For deeper insights or queries about our methodology, feel free to contact us.