Vo Dac Danh

Vo Dac Danh

Vo Dac Danh, celebrated Vietnamese author and journalist, embarked on an unanticipated journey into the world of bird's nest farming, emerging as a pioneering figure in Vietnam's Swallow's Nest industry.

Born in the heartland of Tan Thanh, Ca Mau, Danh's humble beginnings sowed the seeds of his deep-rooted understanding of rural life. It was this foundation that inspired much of his writing and subsequently led him to a transformative enterprise: bird's nest farming.

In the late 2000s, Danh shifted his professional trajectory from chronicling life in words to nurturing life on his farm. He chose the serene surroundings of the Xeo La area in Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City, as the perfect setting for his innovative venture. Here, he bid goodbye to his pen to pursue his passion for sustainable farming, focusing on swiftlets - the birds known for producing the delicacy that is their edible nests.

His bird's nest farm, under the banner "Swallow's Nest (Yen) Xeo La," swiftly gained recognition for its emphasis on quality. Vo Dac Danh combined his insights from years of documenting rural life with modern farming techniques to develop a bird's nest farming model that was both environmentally friendly and efficient.

Today, "Swallow's Nest (Yen) Xeo La" is a respected supplier, not just for its premium product, but also for the sustainable practices employed in its production. Vo Dac Danh, once known primarily for his writings on rural Vietnamese life, is now leading the charge in Vietnam's booming bird's nest industry. His venture into bird's nest farming paints a vivid picture of the incredible potential for economic growth in rural Vietnam.

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