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Yen Xeo La

White Premium Bird's Nest Grade AAA (100g)

White Premium Bird's Nest Grade AAA (100g)

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This high quality edible bird's nest comes from the heart of Vietnam. Our white bird's are the highest grade bird's nest that can be receive that is ready to be served however needed without any impurities.

We retain the shape of the bird's nest as it was received in and deliver it directly to your door steps. Our farm allows the swallows to build their nests in our farms, which reduces the amount of purities and promotes the sustainability of the swallow populations. We bring together the community to prepare the best bird's nest for you.


Each of our bird's nest has been carefully selected and hand-cleaned by our experts to remove all impurities such as branches and feathers. We are one of the few FDA approved bird's nest in the US after going through rigorous testing. When you buy from us, you are supporting our local community that help make this.


Bird's nest has been long known as the superfood of Asian cuisine, such as improving your immune system, complexion, eyesight, and alleviating sickness. One of the most important protein in bird's nest is Glycoproteins, which is a high-energy protein our bodies can absorb.


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