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Yen Xeo La

White Premium Bird's Nest Grade AAA (100g)

White Premium Bird's Nest Grade AAA (100g)

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This high quality edible bird's nest comes from the heart of Vietnam. Our white bird's are the highest grade bird's nest that can be receive that is ready to be served however needed without any impurities.

We retain the shape of the bird's nest as it was received in and deliver it directly to your door steps. Our farm allows the swallows to build their nests in our farms, which reduces the amount of purities and promotes the sustainability of the swallow populations. We bring together the community to prepare the best bird's nest for you.


Each of our bird's nest has been carefully selected and hand-cleaned by our experts to remove all impurities such as branches and feathers. We are one of the few FDA approved bird's nest in the US after going through rigorous testing. When you buy from us, you are supporting our local community that help make this.

Learn more about bird's nest cultural health benefits:


Farmer Brand: YEN XEO LA

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Gift for the Holidays

Some of my relatives are older and suffering from some health issues, so I thought it'd be nice to buy them some Yen (bird's nest in Vietnamese). They absolutely LOVED it, as I told them about the story behind this bird's nest and it truly made them believe that they'll get better.

I appreciate the transparency of where this bird's nest comes from, as there are so many fake ones from China on eBay. It's hard to get them from where I'm at. The color looked authentic and the shape of the bird's nest was great, didn't need to clean any feathers or impurities. Shipping was extremely fast and Leprendo gave great communication throughout the process.

fast shipping and high quality

I bought this for my family because my son needed to go through several surgeries for his eyes. After drinking this, his vision became better. I will buy more, so many fake bird's nest on eBay, but this is very good

Kim Young
the best


Philip Wong
Amazing gift

Every holiday, we buy this for our relatives (christmas, thanksgiving, new years) and they always compliment how amazing this is and ask us where to buy it. Appreciate the high standards and being able to buy directly from the farmer. Check out the video if you haven't, very cool how they process the bird's nest

Kháu Lão Ham Chơi
From Yen Sao Xeo La Facebook

Thấy bạn tôi bảo sản phẩm Yến xào xẻo lá rất tin cậy, tôi tin bạn của tôi

My friend told me that Yến Sào Xẻo Lá is very reliable, and I trust my friend.