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Organic Jasmine Pearl 2022 (2 oz)

Organic Jasmine Pearl 2022 (2 oz)

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This heady and invigorating tea should be steeped using lower temperature water, we suggest between 78°c and 82°c with 85°c at the very highest.  Try immediately pouring out a sip, with no steep time, and see why: even within seconds the leaves begin to impart jasmine’s dulcet notes into the water.  Use cooler water and get all of the flavor, smooth texture, and higher re-steep potential as well.

This USDA Organic Jasmine Pearl is one of our most beautiful teas.  While most of our brewing is done with ceramic gaiwan, we make an exception for this tea.  We suggest using a glass pot at least once, so that you can witness the beautiful way the pearls bloom as the tea brews.  The liquor is golden sweet, and simply jasmine from the nose to the finish; an elegant tea that is always a pleasure to experience.

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