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Sea Essence

Sea Grapes From Japan - Green Caviar (40g dehydrated makes 100g)

Sea Grapes From Japan - Green Caviar (40g dehydrated makes 100g)

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Sea grapes, also known as "Umibudo" in Japan, are a type of seaweed that grows in clusters and resemble small grapes. They are a popular delicacy in Asian cuisine and have been enjoyed for centuries. The sea grapes are grown in Japan with our farmers and dehydrated with our partners in Vietnam.

1. Sea grapes have the taste of the sea (sea salt), so it's best to use as a supplement to seafood you eat!
2. Can also be eaten as a salad in place of lettuce

Whether you are looking to improve your health or enjoy a unique and delicious delicacy, sea grapes are a great choice.

Our processing facility is FDA approved which means you are getting the highest quality and premium sea grapes. This brand is called Vi Bien in Vietnamese, also known as Sea Essence in English.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
maya camit

they were great! they had good instructions that were easy to follow and were tasted good!


This my second time ordering I like these plain or sometimes I will dip them them into Organic apple cider vinegar or add to burgers or fish or salads! And if think they are too salty add some fruit to them for a sweet/salty meal or snack! Will order more


It’s ok not very yummy


Came all intact and packed safely. Gave me instructions on how to rehydrate! Absolutely 10/10 will save to buy again. Also, they were great!

Oli Jianna Young
From our Etsy store

It was nice, just dont soak it too long or all the flavor will go away. It pops in your mouth and has a nice texture. 10/10 would buy again.