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Brown Sugar Chocolate
Brown Sugar Chocolate is a small artisan chocolate company. We make your chocolates to order. We craft each chocolate to have perfect flavour and beautiful artistry. These chocolates bars are filled with silky ganaches and caramels. They break apart easily to share, but feel free to save them all for yourself.
When you buy tea from Cafvina, we have a large selection of tea that comes straight from India, China and Sri Lanka.  Unlike grocery stores that stocks common flavors, Cafvina offers premium loose teas to choose from to explore what is your best preference. We continuously work with our tea farmers to bring their gifts to you.
Gourmet Food Store
In 2001, we set out on mission: make it easier for foodies around the country to find all their favorite foods and ingredients, in one easy-to-shop place. We wanted to create a comprehensive online catalog of those rare and unique ingredients, while always seeking the new greatest thing in the food world. At Gourmet Food Store, you can find thousands of foods – from beloved French  cheese  to the world’s most luxurious  caviar , foods that make eating a glamorous experience, that elevate home cooking and take everyday life to new gourmet heights. We carefully curate our selection, making sure we’re always on top of food trends, great new artisans, and seeking sustainable food sources: everything that makes the gourmet food experience incredible.
We provide fresh certified herbs and spices gathered with a lot of love from Greece. Don't afraid to ask us for more information about our products.Our goal is to supply nature’s products at affordable prices in order to make these products easily acquired by everyone. They are shipped to your door around the world
Medjool Days
We are a family in the Coachella Valley where community is everything to us. At Medjool Days, we believe in delivering the highest quality dates to our customers; your family, friends and communities. What makes Medjool Days different?   100 % organically grown dates. We are not yet Certified Organic as that process takes a few years to complete. We currently do not use any labeling under the USDA Our dates are picked straight from the tree and preserved in state of the art freezers. We never “revive” or hydrate dates. Our dates are from family grown farms where families and farmers are the first to get generously compensated for their labor. Customer service is our number one priority and so we appreciate all feedback.
Messner Bee Farm
We keep bees using natural beekeeping practices in the Kansas City Metro. Our natural processes deliver the best quality and most wholesome honey to you.
Hi, thanks for visiting our shop! We source high-quality botanicals and design unique herbal teas and other aromatherapy goods. All the ingredients we use are organic or wild-harvested. Please message us If you have any questions or want to get in touch and we will get back to you. xoxo
Truffles USA
I was born and raised in Perugia Umbria, the center region of Italy.  I grew up savoring the delicate earthy flavors of the region. After living in Los Angeles for 10 years, I grew to miss the taste of my hometown's woodsy dishes and flavors. Truffles USA takes great pride and joy in supplying and sharing the flavors of my region with the USA.
Yen Sao Xeo La (Bird's Nest)
Yen Sao Xeo La is founded by Vo Dac Danh, also nicknamed in Vietnam: the farmer who holds the pen. From the Xeo La area near Ho Chi MInh City, we are home to thousands of swallow's who have come to build their nest on our farm. Once every three months, we harvest the bird's nest and clean them to share the amazing health benefits and joy of bird's nest for you.